The 3 Keys for Using Linkedin to Find a Job, Network, Recruit or Prospect Without Advertising

500 million users across the globe, all with one common thought:

“How can I use LinkedIn to accelerate my career?”

LinkedIn is a tool used by many for multiple purposes, whether that be finding a job, networking, recruiting or prospecting. What LinkedIn does incredibly well is giving people the foundations for all of these.

Now the question then becomes, “How do I do these cost-efficiently & in the right manner?”

Each component of using LinkedIn for either finding a job, networking, recruiting or prospecting requires some level of strategy. That strategy will vary depending on what your end goal is, however the foundations will always remain the same.

LinkedIn offers a multitude of paid premium services that help with this, as that is the main way they monetize their platform.

These are a MUST use in many cases, as without them you are limited in your use of the platform. They also offer the ability to pay to advertise or promote on the platform to reach your target demographic to help hit your desired outcome. These are also great tools, but tend to be more on the expensive side due to the types of individuals that use the LinkedIn platform which mainly consists of business professionals.

According to Hootsuite, “over 44 percent of LinkedIn users have incomes over $75,000” and “over 75 percent of LinkedIn users have incomes of over $50,000.”

This means this is an attractive market to reach out to, especially in B2B.

Now with all the main components overviewing LinkedIn’s benefits of use for those wanting to find a job, network, recruit or prospect…Here’s an evergreen strategy uses at BoundHound with our lead generation & consulting clients that can be used to hit any of these desired outcomes.

We call it the “The 3 Keys for Using Linkedin to Find a Job, Network, Recruit or Prospect Without Advertising.”


#1: Make Sure You Have an Optimized Profile

Your profile is your foundation for everything you do on the LinkedIn platform with or without advertising.

Some of the basics are making sure you have yes all of your job titles and experience up to date so people can see the story you’ve crafted out around yourself based on your career.

Also, having a headshot and cover photo that are professional and properly represent you as a professional

However, other than that you need to make sure of the following:


Everything you do on LinkedIn will link back to your profile, so make sure it’s marketable.

Don’t just make it about you, make it about who you’re reaching out or trying to reach in order to find that job, network, recruit or prospect.

Here are some baselines to go off of for any of the above end goals:

● Have samples of work on your profile
● List more than just what you’ve done but why you do it
● Note what you’re looking for in a role, recruit, client or addition to your network
● Help people understand what makes you different as a human being
● Post credible articles and sources of information that help portray you as a professional
● Make sure you have endorsements that highlight your skills

Use that as a checklist when crafting out your profile outside of the basics.

Here’s an example for my personal profile if you want to see for reference:


#2: Craft Out the Structure of Your Campaign

Now is when you look at and ask yourself the question:

“Okay, now what’s my game plan?”

Your game plan should include the following:

● Who your audience is
● The flow of them going from random person, to personal connection
● What message you will attach with your connection request
● What messages you will be sending after they become a connection

Here’s an example for what we use internally at BoundHound for reaching out to those in merchant services:


Keyword: merchant services
Industry: n/a
Location: US

Audience Size:


Audience URL:


Hi (copy paste their name),

I came across your profile & was impressed with what you’ve done in merchant services. I help people in merchant services spend more time talking to prospects who are qualified & interested. If interested, would love to connect.

(insert your name or initials)


Follow Up 1 (1 day after)

Hi (copy paste their name),
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for connecting with me here on LinkedIn and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch.
Would you be interested in hopping on a quick call to discuss what was mentioned in my message above?

With gratitude,

(insert your name)

Follow Up 2 (3 days after)

(copy paste their name) – gatekeeper restrictions & dealing with low quality leads often limit people from getting in the door with their ideal prospects.

When it comes to reaching as many qualified prospects possible and on top of that filtering out those that aren’t interested – that’s where I help people like yourself in merchant services.

If I could help you save time and money reaching the right people, could we chat next week for 10 minutes?

With gratitude,

(insert your name)

Follow Up 3 (2 days after)

Hi (copy paste their name),

Does cold outreach limit how efficient you or your sales team can be based on how much time it takes OR are you paying too much on advertising?

If so, I’d love to set-up some time to walk you through some ways I might be able to help you out.

With gratitude,

(insert your name)

Follow Up 4 (3 days after)

(copy paste their name), our time & energy is all we really have.

If I can help add more time & energy to your life through helping you or your team spend more time talking to qualified & interested prospects…

Would it be worth a few moments of your time this week or next to chat and get to know each other?

With gratitude,

(insert your name)


#3: Track Your Results by Monitoring Your Data

“Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!” -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

What isn’t tracked and proven through data, is ineffective in any regards for long-term usability.

If you really want to see long-term an effective campaign make sure you are tracking how your messages, invitations and campaigns are performing.

To do this, here’s how we go about tracking data for our clients at BoundHound:


From here you have access to all data involved in tracking your accepted connections.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, hope that this was a valuable tool that you can use on your own in your own personal LinkedIn campaigns.

To your success,

Aaron Cort
CEO & Founder


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