How to Create Competitive Advantage through Social Media Sales Engagement

Sports historians say hitting a baseball at the professional level is the most difficult and challenging athletic feat in all of sport.

If you fail 7 out of 10 times in today’s baseball game, compensation is $10 Million + with multi-year contracts.

In sales, the best salespeople close 20% – 25% of the customers they touch, meaning in the sales game, top salespeople are failing 8 out of 10 times.

Based on this comparison and logic, you can say obtaining a new customer is more difficult than hitting a Major League baseball.

How do you improve, becoming more efficient, and obtaining a 30% + closing ratio?

You accelerate customer engagement and eliminate non-buyers, faster. You also leverage all of your social media and traditional business contacts.
Examining Charles Darwin’s 1859 evolution theory of natural selection, “the principle by which each slight variation [of a trait] if useful, is preserved.” Can Darwin’s theory apply in the 21st century sales game? Absolutely, and on multiple fronts.

BoundHound is created to assist you with, “each slight variation” of a customer trait that is useful in automating sales engagement.
Couple Herbert Spencer’s explanation of Natural Selection by drawing parallels between economic and evolution theories, developing the phrase, “This survival of the fittest.”

BoundHound is enabling sales and marketing people, teams, and companies to accelerate theories of survival, in this specific case; self, career, and business survival, by accelerating Tip of the Spear customer engagement.

Without new customers, companies die.

History, business, and natural selection collide with DeLorean Motor Company, Compaq Computer, Bear Stearns and thousands of other companies who didn’t survive natural selection and were consumed by their competitors.
Don’t let this fate happen to you or your business.

BoundHound focuses on new customer engagement and acquisition; an automated social selling tool for you individually or for entire sales and marketing teams.

BoundHound is an equalizer for any sized companies allowing salespeople from small companies to swim with the mid-sized, and large sharks in the sea of business competition, and vice-versa.

Large companies typically have a CRM system and sales methodology providing sales discipline providing reliable sales forecasting.
Large companies and larger mid-sized companies also have the financial resources for expensive customer intelligence services with an annual cost starting at $25,000 or more depending on how many users access the data.
Mid-sized businesses most likely also have a CRM system with ad-hoc lead generation.

Small business and entrepreneurs are left to their own devices to survive.
It’s a street fight for all businesses to survive with BoundHound providing a disruptive customer engagement tool equalizing the playing field providing a faster path to new customers.

BoundHound enables and creates specific customer lists, crowdsourced customer lists, lead generation campaigns, and services for those who would like to leverage our experience, lightening your load or augmenting your sales and marketing teams.


Enterprise Sales Process
Sales Stage Percentage Forecast Impact Customer Behavior
ENGAGEMENT voice 10% Not in revenue forecast Have engaged, email or voice
INTERESTED exchange 20% Not in revenue forecast Ongoing conversation, email exchange
QUALIFIED 30% Added to forecast at 30% Budget, Access, Need qualified
PROPOSED 40% Increased forecast to 40% Pricing Proposal sent & reviewed
VERIFIED 50% Increase forecast to 50% Customer accepts initial pricing
VALIDATED 60% Increase forecast to 60% Customer verbally selects solution
NEGOTIATING Procurement 70% Increase forecast to 70% Formal negotiations with Procurement
CONTRACTING review 80% Increase forecast to 80% Lawyers engaged, contract review
CLOSED contract 100% Increase forecast to 100% Purchase order or signed contract


Hope this adds value and increases your ability to prospect better and more efficiently.

To your success,

Brian Bigley


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