Have You Experienced Poor Leads from Your Marketing Department? So Have We…

You decided to work for a mid-sized to a large company for the resources sold to you during the interviewing process…

The promise of a large marketing budget, mature Search Engine Optimization program to drive new customers to the website and in large volumes.
Your biggest problem isn’t the quality and quantity of trade show leads that require immediate follow-up. Your world-class inside sales team is setting 5 – 10 appointments a week for you.

The problem is you aren’t receiving much or any leads or new opportunities as a salesperson would love those above to be true.

Wouldn’t be great if all the marketing was true?

Where film emulates desperation in a sales life, the film “Glengarry Glen Ross” is a reality for some or most salespeople.

What is a salesperson to do to take control of gaining new customers?

How is one to acquire new leads, accelerate the qualification of customers, and to have a reliable pipeline to close utilizing automation, artificial intelligence, and street-smart know how? Can your current pipeline withstand the scrutiny of a Swiss, Russian, German, or detailed oriented Sales Leader who loves and lives in detail and making salespeople feel vulnerable in Forecast Meetings?

Stop the madness of social embarrassment in front of your peers, the undue and unwanted negative attention, and demotivating exposure. The design of BoundHound is by salespeople, and for salespeople to address new customer acquisition. BoundHound also allows you to accelerate the 1:1 communication directly with target customers and prospects and at executive levels.

In a matter of minutes and at a low investment cost, you can build a custom target list based on meaningful demographics by the following search criteria:

● Your Relationship
● Title
● Seniority Level
● Size of Company (1 – 10,000 + employees)
● Industry
● Geographic Location (Country, State, City)
● Vertical Market

BoundHound is so flexible and complete, our sales and marketing solutions, and services are unique to every other customer content or intelligence provider. BoundHound offers an extremely low financial entry point for multiple sales solutions and services with the common goal of assisting you in obtaining new customers, faster.

Email List ($.04 per Contact with an email address, title, your relationship, and company)
Email List ($.07 per Contact with an email address, phone number, title, company, industry, your relationship, and location)
Email List Exchange (Lend your Email List to other salespeople, and they pay you $.01 per contact, and you control who you allow and block to use your list. You can lend your list multiple times assisting you in paying for new Contacts. Users pay $.02 per Contact.)
Automate Email Campaigns (Use the BoundHound platform to create and send sequential sales and marketing communications and offers to your existing and target accounts, automatically through a Campaign Calendar with multiple packages starting at $17 per month while receiving 150 free Emails contacts and Email sends)
Lead Generation ((A service that leverages your social network and CRM contacts for automated campaigns to message your market, developing copy, and managing email campaigns for you. You can define the market, contacts, develop the campaign copy, follow-up, thank-you communications with the guidance of a seasoned BoundHound Consultant.)
Network Building (A service that will grow your LinkedIn Network starting at $4.00 per New Contact)
Meeting Setting (A service that will set meetings for you, management level through executives at $500 per meeting)

The traditional benefit of maturing inside sales representatives into account managers is maintained and supported within the BoundHound three options augmenting your existing inside sales investment. Trade Show leads also come at a high cost. Taking salespeople out of the field, having marketing people who are not used to engaging customers represent your solution, show fees, travel, food, customer entertainment, shipping costs plus show set up and breakdown, and booth costs, developing new leads is an expensive business proposition.

Take advantage of the three options BoundHound provides you, save resources, budgets, effort; lower your cost per lead and close sales faster.

To your success,

Brian Bigley


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