4 Easy Steps to Build a LinkedIn Network & Email List of Warm B2B Leads

LinkedIn is a phenomenal foundational tool for building a long-term list of candidates, prospects, recruits.

It can be used for either short-term results or long-term results. Both approaches work, it just depend on the markets you’re reaching out. The approach mentioned in that article is best for prospecting or recruiting in the context of more short-term.

The reason being that it takes a very direct approach to lead generation using LinkedIn.

This approach is how you go more into the way of building a relationship with what can tend to be higher-value clients and/or recruits. Most often, with those “big fish” as they say you want to take a relational approach.

Not that all business isn’t based around relationships, but some can be more hands-on than others.

With the “bigger fish” we reach out to using LinkedIn, we want to respect that and thus come from a different angle just due to the type of person these people can be.

These “4 Easy Steps to Build a LinkedIn Network & Email List of Warm B2B Leads” are transferable across all markets.

A fun fact: everyone in your LinkedIn network you also have access to their email address.

The way you do so is by downloading a list of your “Connections” through the following:

Through the “Connections” box that’s checked that’s where you can find access.

Now, keep in mind through this anyone you connect with is then someone you can email at any point.

The whole goal is by the time you email someone, you not only want them to know who you are but you also want them to view you favorable and as someone they may consider speaking with from such.

These are the “4 Easy Steps to Build a LinkedIn Network & Email List of Warm B2B Leads,” through taking this approach to using LinkedIn as your foundational tool to become favorable in the mind of your prospect or ideal recruit before you email them.

Step 1: Connect

The first step is always connecting with your target market.

The best way to connect is with a personalized note attached to your connecting request.

The reason is because this increases the chances of them accepting your request, upon you reaching out to someone who you potentially do not know.
This is also a necessity because if you reach out to too many people and they mark they don’t know you, you may be restricted at a certain point for sending out connection requests.

Here’s an example of an introduction message you can use to connect with people:

Hi (copy paste their first name),

Looking to build relationships with other self-employed people. I specialize in saving business owners & self-employed people substantial amounts of money through alternative health insurance options catered toward your needs & budget. If interested, would love to connect.

(insert your name or initials)

Step 2: Engage

After a connection request is accepted, here’s a way to set the stage for engaging with people by thanking them for connecting.

Also, coming from a place at first where you are not actually pitching anything.

That comes after you have built a level of trust and familiarity with people who you are reaching out to.

Here’s an example based around simply want to connect and offer serving one another through a phone call based around mutual connections or helping one another:

Hi (copy paste their first name),

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for connecting with me here on LinkedIn and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch.

My main goal is to serve all those I connect with, and I would love to find out if there’s anyway I can do so for yourself.

I like to get to know my connections better by chatting with them over the phone to find out if there’s anyone I can connect them to that would help them, or anyway we can help each other.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in chatting, I’d be more than happy to setup a time.
With gratitude,
(insert your name)

Step 3: Value

After you have reached out initially, it is next where you look to provide value.

The easiest way to do so is either:

A) sharing an article you wrote pertaining to that person or that market


B) sharing a third-party content resource that is valuable to who you’re engaging with

The main key is just showing that you’re putting in the external effort to try and serve them as a new member of your professional network.

Here’s an example:

Hi (copy paste their first name), hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

Wanted to share a resource that may be useful to you that I wrote / found , “(INSERT ARTICLE TITLE).

It discusses some uncommonly known tricks that can help business owners or independent contractors more effectively save money on health benefits, while simultaneously receiving the right amount of coverage for them or their business.

This is the link if you wanted to give it a quick read:


If you’d be interested in discussing how to further save money on the health benefits associated with yourself or your company, I would be more than happy to chat about it.

With gratitude,
(insert your first name)


Step 4: Pitch

Finally, we get to the pitch.

This is where you can now talk about what you do and how you can potentially help them.


The sad truth, is that no one cares about you and what you do.

Even if it helps a market, and a few people are interested in discussing, people respond more to when they feel as though they or their problems in business are understood.

If you can acknowledge you understand that, and let me them know you can help, you can do the explaining over the phone.

They key is GETTING THE MEETING, try to do as little selling as possible before that.

For doing your pitch, this can be done via LinkedIn, email or both.

Here’s an example of a two-part follow up that can be done over LinkedIn:

Follow Up #1:

Hi (copy paste their first name),

Curious – would you benefit from saving money through alternative health insurance options customized to fit your business’ needs and budget?

I ask because many business owners have found the Affordable Care Act to actually be the “Unaffordable Care Act”, and have saved a ton of money through exploring these alternative options catered toward their businesses.

I’d love to set up a time to walk you through what we do and see if I can save you any money.

Would you have some free time next week to connect?
With gratitude,
(insert your name)

Follow Up #2:

(copy paste their first name), I understand you only have so much time & energy.

The last thing I want to do is waste any of it.

Please let me know if you’d be open to seeing what health insurance options could save you money.

With gratitude,
(insert your name)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, hope that this was a valuable tool that you can use on your own in your own personal LinkedIn campaigns.

To your success,

Aaron Cort

CEO & Founder

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