4 Easy Steps to Build a LinkedIn Network & Email List of Warm B2B Leads

LinkedIn is a phenomenal foundational tool for building a long-term list of candidates, prospects, recruits.

It can be used for either short-term results or long-term results. Both approaches work, it just depend on the markets you’re reaching out. The approach mentioned in that article is best for prospecting or recruiting in the context of more short-term.

The reason being that it takes a very direct approach to lead generation using LinkedIn.

This approach is how you go more into the way of building a relationship with what can tend to be higher-value clients and/or recruits. Most often, with those “big fish” as they say you want to take a relational approach.

Not that all business isn’t based around relationships, but some can be more hands-on than others.

With the “bigger fish” we reach out to using LinkedIn, we want to respect that and thus come from a different angle just due to the type of person these people can be.

These “4 Easy Steps to Build a LinkedIn Network & Email List of Warm B2B Leads” are transferable across all markets.

A fun fact: everyone in your LinkedIn network you also have access to their email address.

The way you do so is by downloading a list of your “Connections” through the following:

Through the “Connections” box that’s checked that’s where you can find access.

Now, keep in mind through this anyone you connect with is then someone you can email at any point.

The whole goal is by the time you email someone, you not only want them to know who you are but you also want them to view you favorable and as someone they may consider speaking with from such.

These are the “4 Easy Steps to Build a LinkedIn Network & Email List of Warm B2B Leads,” through taking this approach to using LinkedIn as your foundational tool to become favorable in the mind of your prospect or ideal recruit before you email them.

Step 1: Connect

The first step is always connecting with your target market.

The best way to connect is with a personalized note attached to your connecting request.

The reason is because this increases the chances of them accepting your request, upon you reaching out to someone who you potentially do not know.
This is also a necessity because if you reach out to too many people and they mark they don’t know you, you may be restricted at a certain point for sending out connection requests.

Here’s an example of an introduction message you can use to connect with people:

Hi (copy paste their first name),

Looking to build relationships with other self-employed people. I specialize in saving business owners & self-employed people substantial amounts of money through alternative health insurance options catered toward your needs & budget. If interested, would love to connect.

(insert your name or initials)

Step 2: Engage

After a connection request is accepted, here’s a way to set the stage for engaging with people by thanking them for connecting.

Also, coming from a place at first where you are not actually pitching anything.

That comes after you have built a level of trust and familiarity with people who you are reaching out to.

Here’s an example based around simply want to connect and offer serving one another through a phone call based around mutual connections or helping one another:

Hi (copy paste their first name),

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for connecting with me here on LinkedIn and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch.

My main goal is to serve all those I connect with, and I would love to find out if there’s anyway I can do so for yourself.

I like to get to know my connections better by chatting with them over the phone to find out if there’s anyone I can connect them to that would help them, or anyway we can help each other.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in chatting, I’d be more than happy to setup a time.
With gratitude,
(insert your name)

Step 3: Value

After you have reached out initially, it is next where you look to provide value.

The easiest way to do so is either:

A) sharing an article you wrote pertaining to that person or that market


B) sharing a third-party content resource that is valuable to who you’re engaging with

The main key is just showing that you’re putting in the external effort to try and serve them as a new member of your professional network.

Here’s an example:

Hi (copy paste their first name), hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

Wanted to share a resource that may be useful to you that I wrote / found , “(INSERT ARTICLE TITLE).

It discusses some uncommonly known tricks that can help business owners or independent contractors more effectively save money on health benefits, while simultaneously receiving the right amount of coverage for them or their business.

This is the link if you wanted to give it a quick read:


If you’d be interested in discussing how to further save money on the health benefits associated with yourself or your company, I would be more than happy to chat about it.

With gratitude,
(insert your first name)


Step 4: Pitch

Finally, we get to the pitch.

This is where you can now talk about what you do and how you can potentially help them.


The sad truth, is that no one cares about you and what you do.

Even if it helps a market, and a few people are interested in discussing, people respond more to when they feel as though they or their problems in business are understood.

If you can acknowledge you understand that, and let me them know you can help, you can do the explaining over the phone.

They key is GETTING THE MEETING, try to do as little selling as possible before that.

For doing your pitch, this can be done via LinkedIn, email or both.

Here’s an example of a two-part follow up that can be done over LinkedIn:

Follow Up #1:

Hi (copy paste their first name),

Curious – would you benefit from saving money through alternative health insurance options customized to fit your business’ needs and budget?

I ask because many business owners have found the Affordable Care Act to actually be the “Unaffordable Care Act”, and have saved a ton of money through exploring these alternative options catered toward their businesses.

I’d love to set up a time to walk you through what we do and see if I can save you any money.

Would you have some free time next week to connect?
With gratitude,
(insert your name)

Follow Up #2:

(copy paste their first name), I understand you only have so much time & energy.

The last thing I want to do is waste any of it.

Please let me know if you’d be open to seeing what health insurance options could save you money.

With gratitude,
(insert your name)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, hope that this was a valuable tool that you can use on your own in your own personal LinkedIn campaigns.

To your success,

Aaron Cort

CEO & Founder

Have You Experienced Poor Leads from Your Marketing Department? So Have We…

You decided to work for a mid-sized to a large company for the resources sold to you during the interviewing process…

The promise of a large marketing budget, mature Search Engine Optimization program to drive new customers to the website and in large volumes.
Your biggest problem isn’t the quality and quantity of trade show leads that require immediate follow-up. Your world-class inside sales team is setting 5 – 10 appointments a week for you.

The problem is you aren’t receiving much or any leads or new opportunities as a salesperson would love those above to be true.

Wouldn’t be great if all the marketing was true?

Where film emulates desperation in a sales life, the film “Glengarry Glen Ross” is a reality for some or most salespeople.

What is a salesperson to do to take control of gaining new customers?

How is one to acquire new leads, accelerate the qualification of customers, and to have a reliable pipeline to close utilizing automation, artificial intelligence, and street-smart know how? Can your current pipeline withstand the scrutiny of a Swiss, Russian, German, or detailed oriented Sales Leader who loves and lives in detail and making salespeople feel vulnerable in Forecast Meetings?

Stop the madness of social embarrassment in front of your peers, the undue and unwanted negative attention, and demotivating exposure. The design of BoundHound is by salespeople, and for salespeople to address new customer acquisition. BoundHound also allows you to accelerate the 1:1 communication directly with target customers and prospects and at executive levels.

In a matter of minutes and at a low investment cost, you can build a custom target list based on meaningful demographics by the following search criteria:

● Your Relationship
● Title
● Seniority Level
● Size of Company (1 – 10,000 + employees)
● Industry
● Geographic Location (Country, State, City)
● Vertical Market

BoundHound is so flexible and complete, our sales and marketing solutions, and services are unique to every other customer content or intelligence provider. BoundHound offers an extremely low financial entry point for multiple sales solutions and services with the common goal of assisting you in obtaining new customers, faster.

Email List ($.04 per Contact with an email address, title, your relationship, and company)
Email List ($.07 per Contact with an email address, phone number, title, company, industry, your relationship, and location)
Email List Exchange (Lend your Email List to other salespeople, and they pay you $.01 per contact, and you control who you allow and block to use your list. You can lend your list multiple times assisting you in paying for new Contacts. Users pay $.02 per Contact.)
Automate Email Campaigns (Use the BoundHound platform to create and send sequential sales and marketing communications and offers to your existing and target accounts, automatically through a Campaign Calendar with multiple packages starting at $17 per month while receiving 150 free Emails contacts and Email sends)
Lead Generation ((A service that leverages your social network and CRM contacts for automated campaigns to message your market, developing copy, and managing email campaigns for you. You can define the market, contacts, develop the campaign copy, follow-up, thank-you communications with the guidance of a seasoned BoundHound Consultant.)
Network Building (A service that will grow your LinkedIn Network starting at $4.00 per New Contact)
Meeting Setting (A service that will set meetings for you, management level through executives at $500 per meeting)

The traditional benefit of maturing inside sales representatives into account managers is maintained and supported within the BoundHound three options augmenting your existing inside sales investment. Trade Show leads also come at a high cost. Taking salespeople out of the field, having marketing people who are not used to engaging customers represent your solution, show fees, travel, food, customer entertainment, shipping costs plus show set up and breakdown, and booth costs, developing new leads is an expensive business proposition.

Take advantage of the three options BoundHound provides you, save resources, budgets, effort; lower your cost per lead and close sales faster.

To your success,

Brian Bigley


How to Create Competitive Advantage through Social Media Sales Engagement

Sports historians say hitting a baseball at the professional level is the most difficult and challenging athletic feat in all of sport.

If you fail 7 out of 10 times in today’s baseball game, compensation is $10 Million + with multi-year contracts.

In sales, the best salespeople close 20% – 25% of the customers they touch, meaning in the sales game, top salespeople are failing 8 out of 10 times.

Based on this comparison and logic, you can say obtaining a new customer is more difficult than hitting a Major League baseball.

How do you improve, becoming more efficient, and obtaining a 30% + closing ratio?

You accelerate customer engagement and eliminate non-buyers, faster. You also leverage all of your social media and traditional business contacts.
Examining Charles Darwin’s 1859 evolution theory of natural selection, “the principle by which each slight variation [of a trait] if useful, is preserved.” Can Darwin’s theory apply in the 21st century sales game? Absolutely, and on multiple fronts.

BoundHound is created to assist you with, “each slight variation” of a customer trait that is useful in automating sales engagement.
Couple Herbert Spencer’s explanation of Natural Selection by drawing parallels between economic and evolution theories, developing the phrase, “This survival of the fittest.”

BoundHound is enabling sales and marketing people, teams, and companies to accelerate theories of survival, in this specific case; self, career, and business survival, by accelerating Tip of the Spear customer engagement.

Without new customers, companies die.

History, business, and natural selection collide with DeLorean Motor Company, Compaq Computer, Bear Stearns and thousands of other companies who didn’t survive natural selection and were consumed by their competitors.
Don’t let this fate happen to you or your business.

BoundHound focuses on new customer engagement and acquisition; an automated social selling tool for you individually or for entire sales and marketing teams.

BoundHound is an equalizer for any sized companies allowing salespeople from small companies to swim with the mid-sized, and large sharks in the sea of business competition, and vice-versa.

Large companies typically have a CRM system and sales methodology providing sales discipline providing reliable sales forecasting.
Large companies and larger mid-sized companies also have the financial resources for expensive customer intelligence services with an annual cost starting at $25,000 or more depending on how many users access the data.
Mid-sized businesses most likely also have a CRM system with ad-hoc lead generation.

Small business and entrepreneurs are left to their own devices to survive.
It’s a street fight for all businesses to survive with BoundHound providing a disruptive customer engagement tool equalizing the playing field providing a faster path to new customers.

BoundHound enables and creates specific customer lists, crowdsourced customer lists, lead generation campaigns, and services for those who would like to leverage our experience, lightening your load or augmenting your sales and marketing teams.


Enterprise Sales Process
Sales Stage Percentage Forecast Impact Customer Behavior
ENGAGEMENT voice 10% Not in revenue forecast Have engaged, email or voice
INTERESTED exchange 20% Not in revenue forecast Ongoing conversation, email exchange
QUALIFIED 30% Added to forecast at 30% Budget, Access, Need qualified
PROPOSED 40% Increased forecast to 40% Pricing Proposal sent & reviewed
VERIFIED 50% Increase forecast to 50% Customer accepts initial pricing
VALIDATED 60% Increase forecast to 60% Customer verbally selects solution
NEGOTIATING Procurement 70% Increase forecast to 70% Formal negotiations with Procurement
CONTRACTING review 80% Increase forecast to 80% Lawyers engaged, contract review
CLOSED contract 100% Increase forecast to 100% Purchase order or signed contract


Hope this adds value and increases your ability to prospect better and more efficiently.

To your success,

Brian Bigley


The 3 Keys for Using Linkedin to Find a Job, Network, Recruit or Prospect Without Advertising

500 million users across the globe, all with one common thought:

“How can I use LinkedIn to accelerate my career?”

LinkedIn is a tool used by many for multiple purposes, whether that be finding a job, networking, recruiting or prospecting. What LinkedIn does incredibly well is giving people the foundations for all of these.

Now the question then becomes, “How do I do these cost-efficiently & in the right manner?”

Each component of using LinkedIn for either finding a job, networking, recruiting or prospecting requires some level of strategy. That strategy will vary depending on what your end goal is, however the foundations will always remain the same.

LinkedIn offers a multitude of paid premium services that help with this, as that is the main way they monetize their platform.

These are a MUST use in many cases, as without them you are limited in your use of the platform. They also offer the ability to pay to advertise or promote on the platform to reach your target demographic to help hit your desired outcome. These are also great tools, but tend to be more on the expensive side due to the types of individuals that use the LinkedIn platform which mainly consists of business professionals.

According to Hootsuite, “over 44 percent of LinkedIn users have incomes over $75,000” and “over 75 percent of LinkedIn users have incomes of over $50,000.”

This means this is an attractive market to reach out to, especially in B2B.

Now with all the main components overviewing LinkedIn’s benefits of use for those wanting to find a job, network, recruit or prospect…Here’s an evergreen strategy uses at BoundHound with our lead generation & consulting clients that can be used to hit any of these desired outcomes.

We call it the “The 3 Keys for Using Linkedin to Find a Job, Network, Recruit or Prospect Without Advertising.”


#1: Make Sure You Have an Optimized Profile

Your profile is your foundation for everything you do on the LinkedIn platform with or without advertising.

Some of the basics are making sure you have yes all of your job titles and experience up to date so people can see the story you’ve crafted out around yourself based on your career.

Also, having a headshot and cover photo that are professional and properly represent you as a professional

However, other than that you need to make sure of the following:


Everything you do on LinkedIn will link back to your profile, so make sure it’s marketable.

Don’t just make it about you, make it about who you’re reaching out or trying to reach in order to find that job, network, recruit or prospect.

Here are some baselines to go off of for any of the above end goals:

● Have samples of work on your profile
● List more than just what you’ve done but why you do it
● Note what you’re looking for in a role, recruit, client or addition to your network
● Help people understand what makes you different as a human being
● Post credible articles and sources of information that help portray you as a professional
● Make sure you have endorsements that highlight your skills

Use that as a checklist when crafting out your profile outside of the basics.

Here’s an example for my personal profile if you want to see for reference:



#2: Craft Out the Structure of Your Campaign

Now is when you look at and ask yourself the question:

“Okay, now what’s my game plan?”

Your game plan should include the following:

● Who your audience is
● The flow of them going from random person, to personal connection
● What message you will attach with your connection request
● What messages you will be sending after they become a connection

Here’s an example for what we use internally at BoundHound for reaching out to those in merchant services:


Keyword: merchant services
Industry: n/a
Location: US

Audience Size:


Audience URL:



Hi (copy paste their name),

I came across your profile & was impressed with what you’ve done in merchant services. I help people in merchant services spend more time talking to prospects who are qualified & interested. If interested, would love to connect.

(insert your name or initials)


Follow Up 1 (1 day after)

Hi (copy paste their name),
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for connecting with me here on LinkedIn and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch.
Would you be interested in hopping on a quick call to discuss what was mentioned in my message above?

With gratitude,

(insert your name)

Follow Up 2 (3 days after)

(copy paste their name) – gatekeeper restrictions & dealing with low quality leads often limit people from getting in the door with their ideal prospects.

When it comes to reaching as many qualified prospects possible and on top of that filtering out those that aren’t interested – that’s where I help people like yourself in merchant services.

If I could help you save time and money reaching the right people, could we chat next week for 10 minutes?

With gratitude,

(insert your name)

Follow Up 3 (2 days after)

Hi (copy paste their name),

Does cold outreach limit how efficient you or your sales team can be based on how much time it takes OR are you paying too much on advertising?

If so, I’d love to set-up some time to walk you through some ways I might be able to help you out.

With gratitude,

(insert your name)

Follow Up 4 (3 days after)

(copy paste their name), our time & energy is all we really have.

If I can help add more time & energy to your life through helping you or your team spend more time talking to qualified & interested prospects…

Would it be worth a few moments of your time this week or next to chat and get to know each other?

With gratitude,

(insert your name)


#3: Track Your Results by Monitoring Your Data

“Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!” -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

What isn’t tracked and proven through data, is ineffective in any regards for long-term usability.

If you really want to see long-term an effective campaign make sure you are tracking how your messages, invitations and campaigns are performing.

To do this, here’s how we go about tracking data for our clients at BoundHound:


From here you have access to all data involved in tracking your accepted connections.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, hope that this was a valuable tool that you can use on your own in your own personal LinkedIn campaigns.

To your success,

Aaron Cort
CEO & Founder


What We Can Learn about Recruiting on LinkedIn from Mayweather vs. McGregor

For those of us who watched the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, most would agree it was a great one…

McGregor stuck in there nearly every round & frankly was giving the champ a run for his money.

However, what led to Floyd taking out Conor at the very end?


Where this then relates to recruiting on LinkedIn is in the exact same retrospect…

In order to effectively connect with the most possible prospects & potential candidates it takes both of these qualities.

Here’s how they come into play:


Your profile is your first impression to anyone who you are targeting…

However, what factors makes your first impression the most meaningful & effective it can possible be?

This comes down to three main factors:

1. A professional headshot & cover photo that give the essence of who you are

2.How well your personal summary can separate yourself from others & relate to your target market

3.The amount of people who you are connected with & have endorsed or recommended you to demonstrate your credibility

Those are the foundations…

While 1 & 2 are quick fixes, 3 is where this takes the most time & effort.


Just as Floyd played the waiting game with McGregor (*cough cough patience*), he had a plan of attack the entire time…

Thus, your plan of attack is our messaging strategy for outreach.

Are you testing different messages?

Are you incorporating any aspects of copywriting or direct-response writing into your messages?

These are all great ways to be both methodical & strategic.

To your success,

Aaron Cort

CEO & Founder